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Слова stay, import, wake up, not intive, take, spend, deliver, make, come, read, not get up My idea of perfect happiness is being alone on a Sunday morning. I usually (1)__________ at about seven o’clock – that’s when my copy of The Sunday Times (2)__________ . I (3)__________ immediately,because I love staying in bed when I don’t have to go to work. After an hour, I have my favourite breakfast – coffee, croissants, and jam. The jam (4)__________ from France and the croissants (5)__________ at the local bakery. I (6)__________ a couple of hours reading the newspaper and then I finally get dressed at about ten o’clock. My friends phone or (7)__________ to the house after midday. I love talking to them or seeing them on Sunday afternoons but they know that people (8)__________ to share my Sunday mornings!
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